For the Landlord
Staging a home is a long standing way that
Realtors have used to highlight the best
features of a house to sell or rent.  These
details can make all the difference when trying
to attract quality tenants.

  • Detailing and staging can help attract
    better tenants and minimize lost income
    from longer vacancies.

  • We offer staging for many different

  • We offer Red Flag eliminating strategies.

  • We can show you how to make a small
    investment that will probably cost you
    less than one bad eviction or a month or
    two of lost vacancy income.

  • Let us share our 15+ years of Real
    Estate experience to help you get you
    house rented.
Light, Bright and Airy
Real Estate Home Staging and Detailing
Serving Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero
and Coastal San Luis Obispo County!
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If we can’t
help you, we
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