About Us
Josh and Shannon have been
successfully fixing, detailing, and
staging houses since 1997.  They
began on their own homes and
then on real estate “flips” and
rental properties, and now are
offering their services to others.  

They have successfully refurbished
and detailed nearly 50 homes in the
past 15 years. By taking houses
that were run-down or just
unfriendly and making them appeal
to a wider audience through the
use of imaginative paint and
redecoration, changing lighting and
window treatments and many other
budget friendly techniques.  
Who We Are...
Josh brings many years of facility and
project management experience from
private and public industry jobs, as
well as being the lead project
coordinator on all of the personal

Shannon brings over 15 years of Real
Estate buying and selling experience,
first as a Realtor and later, personally
as an investor and landlord. She also
brings vision for use of space and
budget friendly ideas without the
expense of a pricey decorator.

They have been residents of the
central coast since 1989 and reside in
Light, Bright and Airy
Real Estate Home Staging and Detailing
Serving Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero
and Coastal San Luis Obispo County!
Free estimates
Our integrity

If we can’t
help you, we
WON’T charge
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