For the Seller

  • Staging a home is a long
    standing way that sellers and
    Realtors have used to highlight
    the best features of a house to

  • We can show you how to make a
    small investment that will
    probably cost you less than your
    first price reduction to get your
    house looking its best!

  • We use do-it-yourself materials
    to eliminate red flags and get a
    high end result.

  • These details can make all the
    difference when trying to sell
    your home for a good price in a
    tough market.

  • Let us share our 15+ years of
    successful real estate experience
    with you!
We offer 3 levels of service:
Level 1:  Consult Only - for the do-it-yourselfer who needs a little help with direction:  We will
come to your home, provide an hour consultation, share our ideas for the most important places
for you to start and a short report, the rest is up to you.  
 (up to 2000 sqft, larger adds $$)

Level 2 - Refresh for or furnish for pictures: We will come to your house and focus on
the most important areas:  kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, entry and curb appeal.  We
will make it look photo and showing ready, and coordinate our schedule with your photographer
and Realtor.  
$ Price based on scale and size of job

Level 3:  Consultation and Full Project Oversight
Step-by-step guidance and help throughout the job process:  This includes a  consultation,
detailed budget estimates, time-line estimates, and a follow-up consultation plus project
coordination, providing insight in finding laborers, maintaining time-lines and budgets.
$ Price based on scale and size of job
Laura in Atascadero says:
You are a wealth of information Shannon!

Jan from Paso Robles says:
If my house had always looked as good as Shannon made it look, I
wouldn't be moving!

Kara from Templeton says:
Moving can be such a stressful and emotional time, but Shannon
made it so easy by doing all of the coordinating and shopping for
Happy seller notes:
Light, Bright and Airy
Real Estate Home Staging and Detailing
Serving Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero
and Coastal San Luis Obispo County!
Free estimates
Our integrity

If we can’t
help you, we
WON’T charge
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As a seller you have control
over only 2 things!
  • How the house looks (we
    help with this)
  • How the house is priced
    (your Realtor helps here)